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Day One: Hanibal Coffee is Born

Thanks for joining us!

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”

Hanibal Coffee is pleased to welcome you and we invite you to enjoy sharing in the wonderful experience of traveling the world, and discovering our true callings as we meet each new challenge in life with tenacity and enthusiasm.

Starting a journey is always an exciting time. Giving birth to new ideas and ultimately taking the first step to making  that idea manifest, is filled with a universe of different thoughts and feelings. Hanibal Coffee desires to be there with you every step of the way. Giving you the burst of energy, confidence, and spirit necessary to conquer and rise above any situation.

Whether we are being driven by our dreams, pushed by our passions, or forced to move due to discomfort or misfortune, Hanibal Coffee salutes you for having the desire, courage, and will to begin your journey. Hanibal Coffee represents and embraces your spirit of excellence thru your will and desire to be great. Hanibal understands what it takes for you to overcome and conquer. It takes inner-strength, resolve, and a will power bestowed by the gods themselves. Hanibal Coffee also appreciates the finer things that life gifts to those that are diligent in the pursuit of excellence. Hanibal Coffee understands and appreciates the community upon which it draws its strength and support from. Hanibal Coffee is made up of some of the greatest people on earth. Our community is a close-knit group of people from all walks of life, from every corner of the world, with one thing in common-the desire to be great. The desire to face life’s challenges head on, regardless of the odds,with the sheer will, faith, and determination to win, is common thread connecting every member of the Hanibal Coffee community. We know that perfection takes time. We enjoy the process. It’s not the destination, but the journey, right? Well, we invite you to become comfortable, share your journey with Hanibal Coffee, as Hanibal Coffee shares with you a coffee experience unique to Hanibal Coffee. Our desire to share only the best coffee beans, from around the world with connoisseurs, whose standards are simple ONLY THE BEST.

Hanibal Coffee understands that enjoying life to the fullest means being able to savor the moment,every moment, on our terms. Hanibal Coffee has taken the pleasure of sharing with our friends the finest quality gourmet exotic beans from around the world. Only the best will do. Simple. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that your coffee experience with Hanibal Coffee leaves you yearning for more. Join us. Invite your closest friends. We are more than just coffee. We are conquerors. We are Hanibal. We look forward to sharing our journeys and experiences with you, both past and present, in an effort to add strength, hope, and love to you. As you embark on receiving all the universe has for you, Hanibal knows what it is to ignore the odds, push past the pain, and quiet the voices in our head, as well as silencing our doubters with swift and strategic action. Hanibal seeks out and salutes those that have overcome all obstacles,faced their fears, and beaten the odds. Hanibal Coffee encourages and signifies greatness.

Won’t you please join us as we conquer everyday with the spirit of Hanibal Coffee?  Add your comments. Share your stories,pictures journey and experiences of being more than a conqueror with the Hanibal Coffee community. We are a family. You are surrounded by greatness. We are more than a bunch of weekend warriors that drink coffee. We conquer. We set goals and amaze others at our accomplishments. We are not ego driven. We are passionate.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter— Izaak Walton

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